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Winter Home Health Check-Up 

Is your home fully winter-ready? Let HomeBert ensure it is.

Prepare your home for the winter season with our Home Health Check-Up. This specialized service is designed to evaluate your home's readiness for the colder months. Our team of experts conducts a comprehensive assessment, identifying any potential issues that could affect your home's comfort and efficiency during winter. Experience peace of mind knowing your space has been thoroughly examined and is primed for a cozier, more energy-efficient season. ​

What's included: 

  1. Inspect for exterior pest entry points (venting, ducts, soffits, etc.)

  2. Inspect and validate proper exterior faucet winterization

  3. Inspect door and window caulking

  4. Inspect weatherstripping

  5. Inspect exterior drainage

  6. Inspect and test smoke and CO Alarms

If you're also seeking vital maintenance tasks to be completed in your home, consider our Vital Maintenance Bundle, a comprehensive, no-commitment package that covers a series of essential maintenance tasks crucial for your home's long-term health and functionality. 

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