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Vital Maintenance Bundle

Our Vital Maintenance Bundle is a comprehensive, no-commitment package designed to help ensure your home remains in peak condition. Our technicians visit your home, completing a series of essential maintenance tasks crucial for your home's long-term health and functionality. 

What's included:​

1. Washing Machine Service & Sanitization


Revive your washing machine with our thorough service and sanitization. We focus on removing harmful bacteria, eliminating mold/mildew buildup, and clearing drainage obstructions. Our expert technicians de-mold and disinfect gaskets and internal components, clean accessible filters, and provide a revitalizing wash treatment. The result? An extended lifespan for your washing machine, cleaner, fresher clothing and peace of mind for you.

2. Dishwasher Service & Sanitization


Renew your dishwasher with our comprehensive service and sanitization. We focus on removing harmful bacteria, eradicating mold/mildew buildup, and clearing drainage obstructions. Our expert technicians dismantle and clean inside tub components, remove and clean filters, and provide a thorough wash and disinfect treatment. The result? A longer lifespan for your dishwasher and cleaner healthier dishes.

3. Range Hood Inspection & Cleaning

Revitalize your cooking space with our professional range hood cleaning service. Our goal is to eliminate unhealthy bacteria around cooking areas, remove potential fire hazards, and optimize the efficiency of your range hood. Our skilled technicians expertly dismantle and clean range hood diffusers and intake areas, eliminating grease and grime buildup. The result? A cleaner, safer, and more efficient kitchen environment, ensuring the longevity of your range hood.

4. Treat & Clean Drains (Sinks, Laundry, Showers Tubs)

Ensure your home's drain systems operate at peak performance with our comprehensive drain cleaning and treatment service. Our goal is to reduce blockages and maximize the flow of your home's drains, minimizing bacteria, mold, mildew build-up, and unpleasant odors. By treating and flushing all drains, we provide you with the peace of mind of reduced flood risks and a smoother drainage system.

5. Smoke/CO2 Detector Inspection & Test + Battery Service

Your assurance of safety within your home. By entrusting us with this service, you help prevent potential fatalities or serious injuries in the event of smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide emergencies. We meticulously inspect your smoke/CO detector to ensure its in-life, thoroughly test its operation, and replace batteries as needed, so you can rely on their proper functioning to alert you and your family to any potential dangers.​​

6. Humidifier & Furnace Filter Maintenance

This service is your key to enjoying healthy, high-quality indoor air while optimizing your furnace's efficiency and lifespan. We replace forced air furnace filters when necessary, ensuring your home's air remains clean and easy to breathe. We also attend to your humidifier's needs, replacing humidifier evaporator filters/elements as required to enhance air quality and maximize humidifier efficiency and lifespan.

* After your order is place, a member of our team will be in touch to schedule a day and time to complete the work in your home.

Looking for even more comprehensive care? Consider one of our HomeBert Membership Plans for the ultimate home management experience including:

  • Semi-annual or quarterly proactive maintenance visits providing the most comprehensive care for your home

  • A trusted home manager serving as your liaison, coordinating appointments, repairs, and projects to ensure seamless, hassle-free service.

  • On-Call Handyman

  • Vacation Assist

  • Partner Offers

  • Learn More

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