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Our Story

HomeBert was founded by Ross and Dave - two regular hardworking dads who happened to be very handy around the house. They realized that despite their handiness, between family, friends, work and doing the occasional thing for themselves they didn’t have the time to do what was needed to properly maintain their homes.  The lists were long, things fell into disrepair and when they tried to source technicians and trades to take on the work, they found it nearly impossible to find trustworthy partners who delivered quality results (oh the frustration!)    


They started calculating the real cost of keeping their homes operating safely and efficiently - between the time investment, the stress of coordinating with trades and technicians who often delivered sub-par results, and the monetary cost of replacements when things inevitably broke down, the true cost of keeping their homes in good order was expensive (like $1000s!)  And worse yet, neglecting it was even scarier (hello water damage, mold and structural issues!)  


They knew they weren't alone in their frustration. They were often called by family and friends who didn’t have the know-how to tackle their own to-do lists and were looking for help without breaking the bank. They soon recognized that a proactive preventative maintenance program might be the key to ensuring a safe, healthy and solid home environment. Through regular maintenance and inspection of core elements of the home by technicians and professionals with whom they had built long-term trusting relationships they could put an end to the struggle of home maintenance and repair.   


Enter HomeBert

In 2021, Ross & Dave set off on a path to create a one-stop-shop for preventative home maintenance and repair.  Their ultimate mission is to deliver a service that allows all families the ability to enjoy their safe, healthy and solid home, worry free. Today, HomeBert delivers proactive maintenance services tailored to their client's needs, as well as providing access to ad-hoc repair and project based services delivered by trusted HomeBert professionals.​​

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