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HomeBert Founders Ross Bitove and David Slater.

Our Story

Founded in 2021 by Ross Bitove and David Slater, HomeBert had a clear mission to transform home upkeep into a stress-free experience. Ross and Dave shared a vision that living in one's home should be an enjoyable experience, not an endless cycle of burdensome maintenance and overwhelming needs. With this belief at the core, they embarked on a journey to redefine how homeowners manage their homes.

Ross and Dave's fundamental philosophy is that you should be in control of your home, not the other way around. The duo recognized that the traditional approach to home management often left homeowners feeling stressed and time-constrained. With this insight, they set out to create HomeBert—a service that empowers homeowners to reclaim their time, peace of mind, and the enjoyment of living in their homes.

Every step taken at HomeBert is guided by the vision of providing homeowners with a comprehensive solution that relieves the frustrations of home management. Ross and Dave's dedication to accountability and customer satisfaction is embedded in the very fabric of the company. By offering a dedicated local team, prompt service, and streamlined solutions, HomeBert ensures that homeowners can fully enjoy their homes without the burdens of constant upkeep. With Ross and Dave's commitment to enhancing the homeownership experience, HomeBert brings you the ultimate solution to unlock the true potential of your living space and elevating your homeownership experience.

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