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On-Demand Services

We're just a call away for repairs, remodels, to-do list items and more! No more hunting for a contractor, solution or repairman and then haggling for fair price. With HomeBert, we manage it all and we make sure the job is done right.


As part of your Essentials Plan you unlock access to our trusted list of certified technicians and trades, our 'HomeBert Professionals', for any required repairs or improvement projects around your home. Our unique approach takes the headache out of home repairs, renovations and updates and saves you money.


To-Do Grouping

HomeBert tracks your list of repairs and/or projects to group similar services and deliver them at your convenience. This allows us to perform the services more efficiently and pass on savings directly to you.


Right Trade - Right Job

Why try and figure out who you need to fix that broken faucet or fridge? Your HomeBert customer service team can quickly and easily identify the right HomeBert Professional for the job and get it scheduled quickly and efficiently.

man drilling drywall
plumber repairing sink
electrician working with service panel
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