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Happy, Healthy Homes start with HomeBert.

Subscription-based, preventative maintenance & repair services, for your home.

Like taking your car for its regular service, HomeBert professionals perform scheduled, essential maintenance throughout your home to keep it running smoothly.  From servicing your washing machine, to inspecting fire alarms, HomeBert addresses issues that may lead to unsafe and unhealthy conditions, critical breakdowns and expensive repairs.

One Subscription, EndLess Value

Give your home the care it deserves.

Simplify your Life, Prioritize what Matters!

Home maintenance is a never ending cycle.  From spring to summer and fall to winter the list grows and is always longer than you have the time, energy or in most cases, the know-how to manage. Most importantly, it takes you away from doing the things you love with the people you love.  Let HomeBert take it all off your hands so that you can prioritize what matters!

A Safer, Healthier Home!

There's nothing more important than the health and safety of your loved ones. Through regular inspections and maintenance of your home's core functions, HomeBert addresses critical issues that can lead to unsafe and unhealthy conditions.  From fire alarms, to grease build ups and mold, let HomeBert handle it!

Prevent Surprises, Minimize Unforeseen Costs!

Through proactive, regular maintenance of items such as your appliances, furnace, windows and doors, HomeBert aims to ensure that all aspects of your home are operating smoothly to help prevent expensive repairs and replacements before they happen. This also increases the efficiency of your home to reduce your cost to operate it.  With HomeBert, it pays to be proactive!

Why Proactive Maintenance Matters

Why do we proactively maintain our car but not our most valuable asset – OUR HOME?

Did you know that proactively maintaining your home:

  • Helps to maintain its market value
  • Significantly reduce unexpected repair and replacement costs
  • Lowers the cost of utilities
  • Helps to prevent health issues caused by moisture, mold and mildew
  • Reduces integrity issues to the structure of the home
What We Offer

Meeting any combination of home maintenance and repair requirements through our Essentials Plan and optional Add-on and Repair & Project Services

HomeBert Essentials Plan

   Your subscription to peace of mind!

Scheduled, preventative maintenance for your home,
delivered through quarterly visits by trusted HomeBert professionals.


Exterior - Flooding, Rodent Entry, Water damage, Energy Savings

Inspect siding, soffit, eaves

Inspect door, window, etc caulking

Winterize and summarize faucets

Inspect Screens

A/C Condenser Cleaning

All this and more…click here for details

Kitchen - Grease Buildup, Bacteria, Inefficient Appliances

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Sink, tub and shower drain treatment

Dishwasher clearing / disinfecting  

Faucet / spray head aerator cleaning

Fridge Water Filter replacement

All this and more…click here for details

Garage - Unsafe operation, Air quality/Appliance effectiveness

Garage door inspection and safety testing

Garage door service and lube

Central vacuum filter cleaning

All this and more…click here for details

Bathrooms - Clogged Drains, Mold, Calcified Shower heads

Sink, tub and shower drain treatment

Exhaust fan disassembly, clean and test          

Grout and caulking inspection

Faucet and spray head aerator cleaning

All this and more…click here for details

General - Fire hazards, Safety, House Upkeep

Smoke / CO detector inspect / test / battery service

Door knob tightening / Adjustment

Fireplace Inspect / Remote Battery Service

Furnace Thermostat batteries

All this and more…click here for details

Utility Room – air quality, water sediment, flood protection

Furnace Filter Replacement

Hot water heater flush

Humidifier Filter Replacement

Inspect/test sump pump, alarm batteries

Washing Machine Sanitize

All this and more…click here for details
HomeBert Essentials Plan, all for only $650 per year!

HomeBert Add-on Services

In addition to HomeBert’s Essentials Plan, services geared around your specific needs can be added to your subscription.

HomeBert Project Based Services

As part of HomeBert being your trusted maintenance services partner for your home, we also are your source for repair or project services with a unique value and approach.


My husband and I are not handy. We always found ourselves calling a variety of contractors to take care of the basics around our home. It was time consuming, stressful and expensive. After our first HomeBert visit I was sold. Truly a one-stop-shop for everything home maintenance related… and if something has to be repaired, HomeBert will make it happen for us.  What a relief knowing that we don’t have to worry about any of it any longer!

Home maintenance always felt like a daunting chore. I’m fairly handy, but my list was long and no matter how many things I checked off, it continued to grow. I constantly felt guilty about spending my free time going back and forth to the hardware store instead of being with my family. HomeBert took it all off my hands. It allowed me the peace of mind of knowing that my home was safe and well maintained, but most importantly it gave me back my weekends with my family.

I’m busy and I knew I was neglecting my home. On top of that, my mom lives on her own and relied on me for a lot of basic upkeep at her home. I often found myself reacting to issues when they could no longer be ignored instead of proactively addressing them for a fraction of the cost.  HomeBert has been a saving grace.  I’ve built a great relationship with my HomeBert team and I trust them to make sure my house and my mom’s house are taken care of.


Q. When am I billed for my subscription?

A. HomeBert fees are divided into four equal payments over the course of your annual subscription.  Customers are billed quarterly with the first payment due at the time of sign-up.

Q. Can I cancel my subscription if I'm unhappy with the service?

A. HomeBert values our members and we strive to ensure that they are satisfied with our services.  If we are not meeting your expectations please contact us so that we can make it right!  In the event that we aren't able to find a solution we will cancel your subscription and refund any unused portion of your fees.

Q. When am I billed for add-on services?

A. You will be billed for add-on services in the quarter that you initially purchase/subscribe to them*.  Unless removed, they will be included and billed at the time of your annual subscription renewal.

*One-time services such as eavestrough cleaning will be billed in full upon purchase/subscription, while on-going services such as pet waste yard cleaning are billed quarterly. 

Add-On and Repair/Project Services

HomeBert has you covered, from Add-On services to customize your subscription to your unique needs, to Repair and Project Services when needed.

HomeBert Add-on Services

Customize Your HomeBert Subscription

There's no one-size fits all maintenance solution for every home. Every homeowner has unique needs and requirements which is why HomeBert offers a variety of add-on solutions that can be added to your subscription at any time.

Eavestrough Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Duct Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning
HVAC Full Service
BBQ Cleaning

Pool / Spa Service

Granite/Stone Clean/Seal

Grout Clean and Reseal

HomeBert Repair & Project Services

HomeBert is your trusted home maintenance parter, but as part of your subscription you also unlock access to our trusted list of certified technicians and trades, our 'HomeBert Professionals', for any required repairs or projects around your home. Our unique approach takes takes the headache out of home repairs, renovations and updates and saves you money:

To-Do Grouping

HomeBert tracks your list of repairs and/or projects and groups and delivers like services at your convenience. This allows us to perform the services more efficiently and pass on savings directly to you.

Right Trade – Right Job

Why try and figure out who you need to fix that broken faucet or fridge? Your HomeBert customer service team can quickly and easily identify the right HomeBert Professional for the job and get it scheduled quickly and efficiently.

Enter your postal code below (e.g. A1A 1A1) and click on "Check Postal Code" and we'll do a quick check to see if we are launched in your area yet.

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