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graphic of HomeBert home manager pointing at FAQ questions.
  • Why join HomeBert when I can just call someone for services when needed?
    Think about it ... outside technicians and handymen are usually only called in when something is already broken or not operating as required. This reactive approach to maintaining your home involves the headache of finding someone for the job, worrying about whether they will show up and if they will do it right. On the other hand, HomeBert acts as your personal home manager, taking care of everything from to-do list items and proactive maintenance, to repairs and improvements. This unique model offers a single point-of-contact dedicated to your home's every need. This approach eliminates the stress and mental load that comes with the management and effort needed to properly care for your home. We're the only company you will have to call when it comes to caring for your home.​
  • When am I billed for my membership?
    You can chose to pay for your HomeBert membership fees upfront or as monthly payments over the course of the year. With the monthly payment option customers are billed equal amounts every month with the first payment due at the time of sign-up.
  • Can I cancel my subscription if I'm unhappy with the service?
    HomeBert values our members and we strive to ensure that they are satisfied with our services. If we are not meeting your expectations please contact us so that we can make it right! In the event that we aren't able to find a solution we will cancel your membership and refund any unused portion of your fees.
  • Do I need to include add-on services at the start of my membership?
    No, add-on services can be added at any time throughout your membership period.
  • When am I billed for add on services?
    You will be billed for add-on services when they occur. If you add a recurring add-on service (one that you elect to have done annually), it will be billed at the time of your annual membership renewal.
  • Can I cancel an add-on service that I no longer want or require?
    Add-on services may be canceled and removed from your membership upon request. Once canceled, they will not be included in subsequent membership renewal periods.
  • When am I billed for Repair and Project Services?
    You will be billed for Repair and Project Services upon completion of the work unless otherwise agreed to (for example, projects that occur over an extended period of time may warrant interim billing).
  • Can the HomeBert membership save me money?
    These are just a few examples of the value in properly proactively maintaining your home: Winterizing outside faucets – not doing can result in thousands of dollars in water damage from cracked plumbing Range hood cleaning – dirty range hoods can not only affect the food we eat, but cooking grease and oil is the leading cause of fires in homes costing thousands to repair in addition to injury and death Exterior caulking – if left unkept can not only cause unhealthy mold and mildew but also significant damage to your home's structure and finish, costing you, once again, thousands to repair. Not to mention potential pest and rodent entry-ways! Dryer vent cleaning - not only do clogged dryer vents cause unnecessary energy consumption, they are also one of the leading causes of home fires
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