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The Essentials


Where Your HomeBert Experience Starts.



$850/yr, billed monthly or annually



Quarterly visits aligned to the seasons

To-Do List

Review of the ever evolving "to-do" list

Proactive Maintenance & Inspections

Proactive maintenance & inspections. 


Report of work completed and recommendations

For less than the cost of a coffee per day, our Essentials Service Plan proactively covers the essential inspections and maintenance critical to the long term health, efficiency, safety and value of your home.* As an added bonus, our pros will also assist with small to-do list items, (think tightening a leaky faucet or hanging a picture) and will take an inventory of larger to-do list items and work with you to complete them in a timely manner.

Following every visit, plan members receive a report with photographs and detailed information about the work completed and any inspections that were done. If additional work is recommended, ie. we notice loose shingles or a cracked dryer vent, we will outline it in your report and assist you in completing the work when you choose to have it done. 

Seasonal Maintenance Schedule

1. Clean & Treat drains (Sinks, Laundry, Showers Tubs)

  • Purpose: Help reduce blockage and maximize flow of home drains. Reduce build up of bacteria, mold, and mildew, reduce unpleasant odors, prevent home flooding.

  • Work Performed: Treatment and flush of all drains


2. Washing Machine Service

  • Purpose: Remove unhealthy bacteria, mold/mildew build up. Clear drainage obstacles. Extend life of Washing machine.

  • Work Performed: De-mold/mildew washing machine gaskets and internal components. Clean filters where generally serviceable. Wash and disinfect treatment.


3. Inspect Shower, Tub & Counter Caulking &/or Silicon

  • Purpose: Identify unhealthy bacteria, mold/mildew build up. Prevent water damage to floors, walls, ceilings, and home sub structure. Extend life of shower/tub enclosers and tiles.

  • Work Performed: Inspect caulking around tub, tiles, counters for mold/mildew, cracking, deterioration. Inspect tile grout for mold/mildew, cracking, deterioration.


4. Central Vac service (Change Bag & Clean Filter)

  • Purpose: Maximize efficient operation of central vacuum system. Help reduce unhealthy dust and dirt in the home. Extend the life of  the system.

  • Work Performed: Central Vacuum canister unit filter clean or replace as applicable.


5. Toilet Tank inspection

  • Purpose: Ensure toilet flush tanks are not continuously leaking water into system, wasting water as well as raising water bill costs.

  • Work Performed: Perform a dye tank-to-bowl seep check


6. Thermostat inspection (connection & batteries)

  • Purpose: Help ensure no interruption in HVAC system which could lead to unhealthy temperatures and pipes freezing.

  • Work Performed: Check thermostat batteries. Check thermostat connections at thermostat where accessible.


7. Inspect & Test Sump Pump & Water Alarm Batteries

  • Purpose: Help ensure pump will operated effectively in highwater situations/emergencies. Extend the life of pumps.

  • Work Performed: Ensure sump pumps are clear of debris, perform active test on sump pump float switch, motor and pump operation, and drainage.

Download Full List PDF

*One kitchen, up to three bathrooms + one powder room, one furnace, one A/C unit, one whole home humidifier, and a two door garage

*Regular maintenance replacement components such as furnace filters, humidifier elements, fridge filters, etc. vary by models and are billed separately.

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