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The HomeBert Blog

As part of our journey to ensure safe and healthy homes for all our customers we want to share with you what we find alone the way making sure it's a combination of fun, gross and informational

This is what our oven cleaning team found. This is from a gas stove element. Those little groves are what lets the gas out for the flame.

Yup, this is mold and mildew in the dishwasher we worked on today.

Bathroom fans are needed to move moisture (and bad smells...) out of these confined spaces. Letting dust and dirt build up like this reduces their efficiently significantly.

This is not uncommon to see but people don't realize that not only is this build up of calcium and minerals harbouring bacteria and other 'unfriendlies' but it is also reducing the efficiency and life span of the faucet.

Look, you’re not the only one with a greasy range hood! Found this range hood at a client’s first home visit today.