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Enjoy Your Home, Effortlessly.

Experience the effortless enjoyment of your home with our comprehensive membership that takes care of all of its needs. Reclaim your time and peace of mind while we handle the rest.
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Welcome to HomeBert.

Where effortless enjoyment of your home becomes a reality.

At HomeBert, we've got your home's every need covered. Say goodbye to the stress of searching for DIY solutions, hunting for a trustworthy handyman, or making endless calls to find a repair person. From proactive maintenance to repairs, improvements, and tackling to-do list items, we take care of it all, so you don't have to.

Experience the peace of mind and convenience you deserve with HomeBert. Unlock the full potential of your home with our comprehensive membership, and let us be your trusted partner in home management. Reclaim your time and elevate your homeownership journey with us.

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Get Started
Essentials Membership

Our Essentials Membership, is your solution to effortless homeownership, designed for convenience and peace of mind. Start by becoming a member, then customize your plan to your home's unique needs. Enjoy seasonal maintenance, efficient repairs, and access to trusted professionals, all backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee. 


Step 1

Become a HomeBert Member

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Start your journey to effortless by becoming a HomeBert member. Choose from our flexible monthly or annual membership plans.  


Step 2

Initial Home Visit & Plan Customization

At the time of sign-up you will book an initial home visit that fits your schedule. During this visit, our team takes a detailed inventory of your home's appliances and systems, setting the stage for proactive care. We'll know your furnace filter size(s), appliance makes and models, and so much more, ensuring we're always one step ahead. This is also your opportunity to discuss any custom needs for your home such as annual BBQ, eaves or window cleaning.* We believe in tailoring your HomeBert experience to match your unique requirements. We will also assist you in building your home's to-do list – a list of items our team can work through with you on your time and within your budget.


Step 3

Seasonal Maintenance Visits Commence

Quarterly maintenance visits are included with every membership. Our team will perform essential maintenance tasks on a seasonal basis to keep your home running smoothly. Our pros will also assist with small to-do list items, (think tightening a leaky faucet or hanging a picture) and will take an inventory of larger to-do list items and work with you to complete them in a timely manner and within your budget. Following every visit, plan members receive a report with photographs and detailed information about the work completed and any inspections that were done. If additional work is recommended, ie. we notice loose shingles or a cracked dryer vent, we will outline it in your report and assist you in completing the work when you choose to have it done. 

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Step 4

Sit Back & Enjoy the Benefits of Your HomeBert Membership

Hit the EASY BUTTON and enjoy the benefits of our unique whole home management solution. Hassle-Free Homeownership We're your single point of contact for all home-related needs. Whether it's repairs, improvements, or follow-up maintenance, we've got you covered. Trusted Professionals Rest easy knowing you're working with reliable professionals skilled in various home-related tasks. Ongoing Support We're here for you every step of the way offering continuous support for all your home-related concerns. Ongoing Customization Tailoring your HomeBert experience is simple. As a member, you have the power to update your plan to match your home's evolving needs. Exclusive Rewards At HomeBert, we believe in giving back to our loyal members. That's why we offer exclusive access to partner deals and ongoing loyalty rewards. Total Peace of Mind, Guaranteed! HomeBert ensures your home is well-maintained, providing you with unparalleled peace of mind, backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

The HomeBert Difference

Discover the HomeBert Difference—a comprehensive membership that revolutionizes home management. With a single call, access a dedicated local team for prompt and efficient solutions to all your home needs. Enjoy stress-free living, cost-effective solutions, and an upgraded lifestyle as we take care of your home while you focus on what truly matters.

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Comprehensive Membership

One-stop/One-call solution for all home-related needs.

Prompt & Efficient Service

Dedicated local team available with just one call.

Trusted Professionals

Experienced experts for high-quality workmanship.

Streamlined Home Management

Say goodbye to overwhelming to-do lists.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Proactive maintenance to avoid unexpected expenses.

Upgraded Lifestyle

Enjoy your home without stress and focus on what matters most.

Secure Investment

Protect your home and its value.

Flexible Membership Options

Tailored plans to suit individual needs.

Time & Energy Savings

Foster a healthier life balance and improved well-being.


We manage all work from start to finish and we make sure the job is done right and you're satisfied.

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